Corporate Minimask


Perfect for wall or plaque mounting, these five inch high masks can be ordered with a stock or custom paint design. Ask about our Corporate MiniMasks.

Minimask Prototype

Mini Cage Masks

Slightly larger than MiniMasks, miniature cage masks embody the spirit of today's goaltender. Available with standard or custom paint designs.

Vintage Mask_1


Full size, pre-cage era masks. Choose from standard designs or replicas of your favorite goaltenders mask. Custom designs are also available.

Corporate Mini Mask - Eaton

Corporate MiniMasks & Cage Masks

Have a face mask designed with a custom paint design that incorporates your company logo.

Contact us for details.

Corporate Mini Mask - Eaton

Executive Style

For the corporate executive / hockey enthusiast who has everything - almost!

When the occasion calls for a unique, one of a kind item that embodies the entrepreneurial spirit.

How to Order

Send us an email or visit us online.

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